Keywords: The Key to Tuning Up Your Music Success Online


Here’s a video to help you attract more fans to your music.

Is your web site getting you enough fans to make a full-time prosperous living from your music?

Keywords are short phrases that help your ideal audience find YOU on the internet.

Knowing how to find and use the right keywords for YOUR perfect […]

Andrew Apanov – Musician’s Web Keeper

In this info-packed interview, Andrew Apanov, the Musician’s Web Keeper, a tech and marketing wizard with a degree in computing and 9 years experience helping musicians worldwide to successfully promote their music, shares his best tips on

Sleek artist website creation for non-techies Powerful Twitter strategies to get more gigs and fans Mobilizing a digital […]

Carla Ulbrich – The Singing Patient

In our first, super popular, Music Marketing Masters insider debrief, we interviewed Carla Ulbrich, the Singing Patient.

If you want to learn the fastest way I know of to Artistic Prosperity – the biggest shortcut to success – click here to view this eye-opening session.